Our fitness and self-defence classes

Learn vital self-defence skills in a non-intimidating, family-friendly setting.

Avictus is one of the best-known providers of self-defence classes in Southend.

Our training programmes have been carefully designed by professional bodyguards with decades of experience in protecting some of the best-known celebrities and businessmen in the world.

Alongside our regular group fitness sessions and our mixed and women’s only self-defence classes, we also provide bonus BTEC Level 2 and 3 certified courses. Contact us directly to find out more.

What we offer

All our in-house sessions are tailored to help you combat today’s challenges with tact, diplomacy, and self-assertion.

Many of our self-defence classes merge the delivery of important protection skills with martial arts techniques and practical fitness aspects to deliver a brilliant workout as well as life-saving skills and enhanced knowledge.

Our classes

All our in-house classes are co-ordinated by our owners, Sean and Angie, who both hold a series of recognised qualifications in personal training, martial arts and self-defence disciplines.

 - Mixed Self Defence with Sean

Dedicated self-defence training covering a wide range of topics and practices. Suitable for all.

 - Women’s Self-Defence with Angie

A ladies only self-defence class providing important skills in an inclusive and friendly format.

 - Defence Fit with Angie

Merging self-defence kung fu and fitness to boost your skills and improve your muscle memory.

 - Knife and Street Defence with Sean

Everything you need to know to stay safe and informed, even in the most extreme circumstances.

What makes our classes different?

Our self-defence classes offer so much more than your average martial arts or protection training programmes.

As well as teaching attendees how to proficiently defend against the most common types of attacks, these sessions also delve deeper into topics relating to situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, improvised defence, current statistics, and what the law says about protecting yourself and your property.

Pricing Information

You can attend any of our hour-long classes for just £10.00 per person.
All classes are run on a pay-as-you-go basis, giving you maximum flexibility with no minimum commitment.

Avictus For Kids

We can teach your little ones how to protect themselves in challenging or dangerous situations.

Avictus offers a range of training courses and classes for our younger visitors, all of which are headed up by our Senior Instructor, Angie, a black belt martial artist and highly attained Kung Fu Sifu. 

These fun and highly rewarding sessions are designed to boost kids’ fitness and engage them in a variety of self-defence techniques.